Extend the Life of Your Truck

Saving dollars makes sense when the time comes to upgrade your work truck and end the cycle of breakdowns and downtime. Wear-and-tear takes a toll on equipment. That’s a given. But repeated visits to the shop for truck repairs does not have to be your reality. I-State Truck Center experts will help you make the right business decision. If the best action is to refurbish your truck, our technicians will inspect your components top to bottom, then tackle your rebuild – repairing, reconditioning and replacing parts to give your truck new life.

Let the Journey To ‘Like New’ Begin!

The return on your investment begins right away when our certified technicians perform a total inspection of your rig. They provide a detailed condition report showing what your refurbishment needs are. With all that information at hand, we’ll discuss options with you, engineer a customized work plan for major or minor upgrades and get started. Soon your refurbished truck will be back on the road – looking and running like a new truck purchased at a fraction of the cost.

Our Thorough Inspection Awaits

Whether we are engineering a custom solution, repairing major damages to your truck or performing minor repairs, our team delivers quality, quick turnarounds, consistent follow-up and a commitment to customers that sets a standard for refurbishing excellence.

  • Full chassis dyno for horsepower and blow-by
  • Analysis of oil sample and comprehensive report
  • Steam clean and dye test of engine for leaks
  • Pressure test of cooling system
  • Test of coolant condition for proper additive levels
  • Pressure test of the charge air cooler
  • Complete chassis and safety inspection
  • Complete chassis lube
  • Steam clean of equipment and body for inspection
  • Full run and test of crane and other equipment
  • Complete inspection of body and cab condition
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